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Spitballing 2012

Let’s say you knew something – something big about one of the major candidates for President during the primaries. That’s the scenario that appeared to be the case after Nancy Pelosi claimed to “know something” about Newt Gingrich that would … Continue reading

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Polling Americans and Afghans

The news media reports polling data of Americans pretty much endlessly, so much so that it’s sometimes difficult to remember that a) people in other country have opinions and b) you can just ask them what they are and they … Continue reading

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Military Metaphors in Politics

I suspect that so far my blog has seemed been overly left-leaning- I’ve certainly bashed the GOP candidates more than I have the President, and I am extremely dissatisfied with the current state of the Republican party. Whenever I get too … Continue reading

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Words and Leadership

From the start, the Penn State sex abuse sex scandal has been an object lesson in the importance of leadership. Real leadership is about the willingness to confront unpleasant truths and take responsibility for seeing that they are resolved. Quite … Continue reading

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The Final Frontier in Politics

I love space and the space program – I was obsessed with the Apollo program and the space shuttle for a few years when I was a kid, and am still inspired by the thought of traveling to the stars. … Continue reading

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Three Black Balls: Costa Concordia in gif Form

The video at this link is absolutely worth watching if you’re at all interested in the Costa Concordia disaster and how it happened, from a navigation standpoint. I made the gif below that shows the last minutes before the wreck … Continue reading

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Foxy Links 26-Jan-12

As a Surface Warfare Officer and a wannabe lawyer, the Caine Mutiny is one of my favorite books. So this article about the implications of a”Caine Mutiny” in the White House was “in my wheelhouse.” For non-defense policy nerds, the … Continue reading

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