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Detailed Glide Slope

This article from Real Clear Politics breaks down the delegate count and state-by-state projections for the GOP nomination fight. My bet (and the author’s) is still on a narrow majority for Romney, but this article does a very detailed analysis … Continue reading

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Human Costs of Piracy

A reminder today about the human costs of piracy: The Danish navy has intercepted a cargo vessel that Somali pirates had hijacked in the Indian Ocean, freeing 16 of its crew members but two others died during the operation, an … Continue reading

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Ship’s Anchor Cuts off Internet to 6 Countries

When a nautical chart says something like “Do not anchor here – underwater cables!”, it’s really saying “Do not anchor here, or you will cut an underwater cable” – they’re not just being paranoid, as East Africa just found out: … Continue reading

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Navy Tests Weaponized Railgun

Very cool video of the Navy’s new railgun: Some good anaylsis of the program over at the Danger Room.

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Two Black Balls: Piracy and Paranoia

Predictably, a lot of the coverage of the Costa Allegra has focused on the “pirate infested” waters of the Indian Ocean. Just about the only thing that news organizations KNOW about that part of the world is that there are … Continue reading

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Happiness costs $107,550

They say you can’t buy happiness, but looks like someone has cracked it – having this original Calvin and Hobbes water color would be amazing. This past Wednesday, a 13″ x 10″ watercolor and ink illustration was auctioned. It featured Calvin … Continue reading

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Glide Slope: Caveats

I blogged last week about what would need to happen over the next two weeks for a brokered GOP convention to even remain in the realm of possibility. I argued that Santorum would need to win either Michigan or Arizona … Continue reading

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