Optimism in a Motorcycle Gang

Apparently the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang was looking around at patent trolls, the RIAA and MPAA and decided that it was about time they started using intellectual property law for evil too. So, it’s come to this:

The Vagos Motocrycle Club, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation has declared an outlaw motorcycle gang, hastrademarked its jacket patch, replete with the trademark registration symbol, “in an effort to prevent law enforcement agencies from inserting undercover officers into their organization,” according to an FBI memo that surfaced on Tuesday….

“By doing this, the Vagos believe they will have exclusive rights to the Vagos patch and no one, including undercover officers, would be able to wear the patch without the consent of the International Vagos OMG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) leadership,” the memo said.

That seems….optimistic. Something tells me the FBI will just, you know, wear the patch with the trademark anyway. Given that undercover agents are frequently allowed to break worse laws than that, a little trademark infringement probably isn’t going to cut it. Still, ten points for creativity.


About thinklikeafox

I'm a Naval Officer living in Southern California. I hope to be attending law school in the next year or two, and I started writing this blog out of a desire to improve my writing and critical thinking skills after a couple years outside of academia.
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