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Accuracy Underestimated

Recently, two very big, very famous, very different companies made the same mistake – they assumed that accuracy wasn’t all that important. Or rather, they assumed that accuracy wasn’t all that hard. The NFL and Apple have, in the last … Continue reading

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GMO Foods and Climate Change

I generally like equal-opportunity ignorance bashing, so this article comparing the far-Left’s rejection of Genetically modified foods with the far-Rights rejection of climate change science caught my eye: I used to think that nothing rivaled the misinformation spewed by climate change … Continue reading

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OTI Podcast: Brought to you by Transformers 6

I spent most of my Sunday huddled in a chair doing law school work, but took some time out to podcast with the good people over at, where I recently started writing regularly. So if you’re interested in listening … Continue reading

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Navy Gets It Right

I’ve previously blogged a bit about the Navy’s recent hit-or-miss record at choosing names for new ships. With all of that aside, the Navy hit this one out of the park: The Navy will name a research ship the Neil … Continue reading

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A Word on Statistics and Predictions

If you’re not reading Nate Silver’s 538 Blog over at the NY Times, you probably should be – it’s a comprehensive analysis of all the Presidential polls out there, and I’ve extolled it’s virtues before. As of right now, Silver … Continue reading

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The Battle for Low Expectations

….has officially begun. The “Horse Race” style of political reporting is never more apparent than when you consider the battle by both campaigns to boost expectations for the other candidate. The logic is simple – you want the other guy to be … Continue reading

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Look, if they’d just let me get away this kidnapping, I wouldn’t have had to kill those people….

….is basically what these Somali pirates are arguing in court right now. Lawyers for three Somali men accused of killing four Americans aboard a yacht claim the deaths resulted from actions by the U.S. Navy and the FBI. Defense lawyers … Continue reading

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