Takedown of Fox News Charlatan

Fox News has a report up about a “whistle blower” who claims that Special Operators could have been in Libya in time to stop the attacks that killed American embassy personnel on September 11, 2012. It’s nonsense on the face, and there’s nothing that pisses me off more than charlatans (who, in this case, hide behind anonymity) fuel nonsense conspiracy theories. We have legitimate security issues that need to be addressed; the Libya situation has important lessons to teach us about unintended consequences, the importance of on the ground intelligence and about the important (and dangerous) work done every day by the Department of State. These conspiracy theories distract us, so it’s good to see such an epic take-down of the allegations:

On April 30, 2013, Fox News aired an interviewwith a supposed member of U.S. Special Operations Command who said that members of “C-110,” who were training in Croatia on September 11, 2012, could have both arrived at the Benghazi consulate in 4-6 hours and arrived before the second attack on the annex during which Tyronne Woods and Glen Doherty were killed. The mystery man critiques the Obama administration’s decision-making, yet offers no information as to how C-110 would have influenced the battle in such a way that the outcome would have been different. Perhaps because it was actually impossible for C-110 to arrive before the attack, and if they did, they would not have been able to do anything that would have prevented our heroes, Woods and Doherty, from being killed.

Read the whole thing. He shows that this guy is either a publicity hound or just has no idea what he’s talking about – the fact is that the attack took less than 8 hours. The U.S. military is highly competent, but the world outside of Hollywood simply doesn’t allow a large organization to act that quickly (and, as the author points out, there’s no guarantees that the SPECOPS would have been able to save any lives. The later deaths were caused by mortar rounds – which SPECOPS soldiers aren’t immune from).


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I'm a Naval Officer living in Southern California. I hope to be attending law school in the next year or two, and I started writing this blog out of a desire to improve my writing and critical thinking skills after a couple years outside of academia.
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