“A fox knows many things; a hedgehog knows one big thing.”

This blog is about thinking like a Fox. I’ve always been interested in how decisions are made. What strikes me most is that no single discipline has a monopoly on the tools and techniques that lead to good decision making – economics, psychology, political science computer science and physics all have interesting things to say about the world and the best way to navigate the challenges in it. A hedgehog is someone who has taken one idea that they like and applied to explain everything. A fox is someone who uses the best tools and techniques that they can find, and is always on the look out for new ones. Being a Fox means willing to confront contradictory evidence and being honest about the short comings of the tools that we have.

I’ll try and highlight new tools and techniques that I come across, and put my small spotlight on people and organizations that are thinking and acting like Foxes. I will be primarily writing about national security policy, law and politics, but that has more to do with my personal interests than it really does thinking like a Fox. I will do my best to ground my posts in research and outside sources, to distinguish what I know from what I just hope is true, and to keep my eyes open for new facts. In my “Seer of Seers” posts, I’ll be making predictions about events, explain my reasonsing, and circle back around to old predictions to see just how wrong I was.

In short, I’ll try to Think Like a Fox.

About the Fox:

I’m an active-duty Navy officer, currently driving a desk in Southern California. As a Surface Warfare Officer, I was previously stationed out of Florida, where I could be found fighting pirates and navigating a couple thousand tons of fighting American steel. I’m planning on starting law school sometime in the next year or two, so I started this blog in order to improve my writing and critical thinking skills after a few years out of acadamia.


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