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Hobby Lobby: Predictions

So I’m coming out of blogging retirement for one big score. I spent the better part of this fall obsessing over the legal issues at stake in the “Contraception Mandate” case just about to be decided at the Supreme Court – … Continue reading

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I don’t trust Doctors, but mine is great!

The old truth about Congress has always been “MY Congressmen is great; it’s the rest of those so-and-so’s that are crooks!!” I have a feeling for a lot of anti-vaccination zealots, they have the same opinion about pediatricians – their local … Continue reading

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Plan for failure, prepare for success

The economy is showing signs of slow recovery. How much of that is the result of any Executive policy is pretty much academic – if it continues or picks up speed, Obama will damn well take credit for it, just … Continue reading

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The 5%

Interesting statistic regarding health care spending: 5% of Americans comprise 50% of health care spending, and 1% of patients comprise 20% of spending. By comparison, the bottom half paid an average $232 and made up about 3% of total costs. … Continue reading

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How Doctors Die

This article on health care is definitely worth sharing. My wife is a health care professional who deals with the sickest newborns, and she has had to wrestle with this issue many times – medicine can do a lot, but that … Continue reading

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