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Hobby Lobby: Predictions

So I’m coming out of blogging retirement for one big score. I spent the better part of this fall obsessing over the legal issues at stake in the “Contraception Mandate” case just about to be decided at the Supreme Court – … Continue reading

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Good news for Counter-piracy

Piracy is trending down, due to a combination of more effective international counter piracy efforts, widespread use of anti-piracy measures by shipping firms and due to changing conditions on the ground in Somalia. All of these are good things. Add … Continue reading

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Via Freakanomics, memory is shockingly easy to alter: New research finds that it’s alarmingly easy to create false memories for people, even when they know an event didn’t happen.  Psychologists Andrew Clark, Robert A. Nash, Gabrielle Fincham, and Giuliana Mazzoni conducted a three-stage experiment: In Session … Continue reading

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Optimism in a Motorcycle Gang

Apparently the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang was looking around at patent trolls, the RIAA and MPAA and decided that it was about time they started using intellectual property law for evil too. So, it’s come to this: The Vagos Motocrycle Club, which … Continue reading

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Stand Your Ground

The coverage of the shooting case in Florida has been pretty breathless so far, and much of it has focused on the particulars of the peculiarities of the self-defense laws in Florida. George Will made an excellent comment on Sunday … Continue reading

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How to bust the filibuster

Proving what they say about shoes and other feet, the New York Times has abandoned it’s support for the law allowing the filibuster of judicial nominees (which was used by great effect by Democrats during the Bush administration), and is calling … Continue reading

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Fifth Amendment and an Encrypted Hard Disk

I previously linked to an article about a Federal Court case regarding a prosecutor’s ability to force you to give up the password needed to decrypt a hard disk. The defendant in the case, accused of bank fraud, argued that … Continue reading

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